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IAS Academy Training

The ClearSmile Advantage
Each of our dentists have undergone comprehensive training by the IAS Academy - one of the UK’s leading dental training institutions. Where other dentists often recommend their favourite or most profitable treatments, ClearSmile dentists are expertly trained at IAS to consider the full range of options available and help you reach a decision that’s right for you. After all - it’s your smile.

Visiting an IAS-trained dental professional means whether you choose clear aligners, lingual braces or the Inman Aligner, you can smile in confidence.

Your treatment is overseen by an expert with access to support from the academy’s world-class panel of dentistry and orthodontic mentors, all working together to achieve perfect results.

You won’t find a greater pool of skills, experience and knowledge anywhere else in the world.

Why ClearSmile?

Clearer Choice

If you’re confused or overwhelmed by the bewildering range of straightening treatments out there on the market - don’t be. A quick consultation with a ClearSmile dentist will help you understand what’s on offer and make an informed decision you can be sure of.

Straightening Expertise

Our dentists are trained to some of the highest standards in the world at the IAS Academy. Our team also has access to step-by-step support from the academy should you need it.


Straightening treatments don’t have to cost the earth. ClearSmile braces are the perfect combination of efficient treatment and complete cost-effectiveness. Many ClearSmile dentists offer monthly payment plans for even better affordability.


Whether it’s clear aligners, Inman aligners, clear or lingual braces, each of our straightening treatments is super discreet and designed to keep you looking your best without drawing attention.

Comfortable & Convenient

ClearSmile braces are among the most comfortable and convenient straightening treatments available, with a range of options available to help make certain treatment doesn’t get in the way of eating, drinking and other everyday things you love.

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