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ClearSmile Clear Braces

Best for When

  • You’re concerned about appearance
  • You want cost-effective treatment
  • You’d like fewer repeat appointments
  • You might forget to wear aligners
  • Your dentist needs to make more complex tooth movements

When opting for fixed braces, some patients are put off by the prospect of unsightly metal wires and brackets being attached to the teeth over a long period.

ClearSmile’s clear braces change all that. They use transparent wires with tooth-coloured brackets for a look and feel that’s barely noticeable.

Clear braces are specially designed for comfort and convenience, and are one of the most cost-effective treatments available.

How it Works

Tried and Tested Straightening

Using fixed brackets and wires to exert gentle straightening pressure on the teeth is one of the oldest orthodontic techniques out there.

However, there’s a crucial cosmetic differences between ClearSmile clear braces and the more traditional ones you’ve probably already seen. Clear wires and tooth-coloured brackets offer a radical visual improvement on unsightly traditional braces.

Clear Brace Advantages


The clear wires and small tooth-coloured brackets make for a look that’s so discreet it’s almost invisible.


Depending on how complex your needs are, ClearSmile offers start-to-finish treatment in as little as six months.


Clear braces use gentle pressure to alter and improve the position of teeth, making it a comfortable and practical straightening solution.


Unlike clear aligners, you don’t have to remember to take out clear braces.

Your Clear Braces Treatment

  • Start with a visit to a ClearSmile clinic for a consultation. Your dentist will let you know if clear braces are the best solution for you. They’ll also answer any questions and can let you know whether other options may be more suitable.
  • Your fitting appointment should last 1-2 hours, during which time your dentist will apply a gentle adhesive to your teeth and affix the brackets and wires. They’ll also tell you everything you need to know about looking after your braces.
  • You will return to the clinic regularly to check on progress - usually every six to eight weeks. Treatment time is typically 18-24 months depending on the complexity of treatment.

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