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Smile Every Day

Don’t let crooked teeth get you down for a moment longer

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Smile Every Day

Don’t let crooked teeth get you down for a moment longer

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Smile Every Day

Don’t let crooked teeth get you down for a moment longer

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Want to Fix Crooked or Gappy Teeth?

Choose a ClearSmile Treatment Delivered by IAS-Trained Dentists

With so many options out there, making the right choice for achieving a straighter smile can be overwhelming. From clear aligners to traditional braces, lingual braces and more, the first step of researching and deciding on which option works best for you can feel like anything but a straight choice.

Until now.

ClearSmile offers a selection of the best straightening treatments on the market, all delivered by IAS Academy-trained dentists.

It means you’re in safe hands. Each ClearSmile dentist enjoys full IAS Academy training on our carefully selected range of treatments. And it also means our dentists have plenty of expertise to share in helping you reach that all-important decision on which treatment is right for you and your lifestyle.

Our Aligners, Your Choice

Our Aligners, Your Choice

Want straighter teeth in as little as six months?

Consider our discreet clear braces for great results fast.

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Want your teeth straightened invisibly?

Find out how clear aligners and lingual braces can straighten without ever being seen.

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Need a few minor tweaks to perfect your smile?

The Inman Aligner could be the answer.

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The ClearSmile Range

ClearSmile dentists offer a complete range of orthodontic options tailored to your needs.
Clear Aligners

Our clear aligner treatment is discreet, comfortable and doesn’t get in the way of everyday life. The clear choice when you need to see quick results.

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Introducing one of the most discreet and cost-effective teeth straightening methods on the market. Clear braces give complete control over individual tooth movement and are usually quicker than clear aligners.

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INMAN Aligners

Get to work discreetly on those visible front teeth to straighten fast without discomfort. Patients whose smiles need a little improvement or tweaking love our Inman Aligners.

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Lingual braces sit behind the teeth where nobody will ever see them. Fantastic when looking your absolute best throughout treatment is a must.

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Meet Matt

Matt hated his smile, and thought his badly chipped front teeth were beyond repair. We aligned Matt’s upper and lower teeth one after the other before finishing off with day white bleach whitening and edge bonding.

Meet Bo

Bo was so self-conscious about chipped, discoloured and crooked teeth that she hated smiling. We used gentle tooth shaping before straightening with an Inman Aligner.

Personal Touch

Your Bespoke Treatment Plan

Your teeth are as unique as you are, and no two smiles are the same. Unlike some other options out there, ClearSmile’s isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. IAS-trained dentists work with you to select a treatment - or combination of treatments - that works best for you and your smile.

Talk to your IAS Academy-trained dentist to find out which options could work for you.

Why ClearSmile?

Clearer Choice

Confused by the bewildering range of straightening treatments out there on the market? Don’t be.

Straightening Expertise

Our dentists are trained to some of the world’s highest standards at the IAS Academy.


ClearSmile braces are the perfect combination of efficient treatment and complete cost-effectiveness.


Our straightening treatments are super discreet and designed to keep you looking your best without drawing attention.

Comfortable & Convenient

ClearSmile braces are among the most comfortable and convenient straightening treatments available.

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