ClearSmile Aligner and Intelligent Alignment Systems

In recent years a confusing mass of orthodontic systems have appeared on the market. But which to choose? All patients are different so it depends on their situation and treatment expectations. For some speed is the priority, for others, discreet aligners and sometime the only option is comprehensive orthodontic treatment.

The truth is there is not just one system that is the ideal choice in every situation.

Intelligent Alignment Systems offers systems that work together to cover the full range orthodontic options.

Our Systems Compared

Definition: A super fast spring aligner A series of rigid, clear plastic trays Brackets and wires fixed to teeth Brackets and wires fixed to back of teeth
Visibility: Clear aligner bars fairly visible Very discreet Brackets are clear, wires coated to be tooth coloured Brackets and wires hidden as placed on the back of the teeth
Average Speed: 6-16 Weeks 6-18 Months 3-12 Months 3-12 Months
Cost: Low Low to mid Mid Mid
Suitability: Front 4 teeth Front 6-8 teeth Front 10 teeth Front 6 teeth
Convenience: Removable:
20 hours a day
22-23 hours a day
Fixed Fixed

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