Why ClearSmile Aligners?

ClearSmile Aligner is the ideal solution to align the Anterior teeth and the premolar segment (Anterior Aesthetic Orthodontics / AAO) with removable, clear aligners.

The system has been designed to be predictable, simple and affordable for both dentists and patients.

As with all orthodontic systems, case selection is the key to success! The combination of our online mentoring via the ClearSmile forum and our Archwize planning reports, it is easy for both the dentist and patient to visualise the treatment goals and be confident these will be achieved.

ClearSmile Aligners work on a 3 stage system – Activator, Progressor and Remodeler. New impressions are taken every 12 aligners to ensure that your treatment remains on track.

The ClearSmile Aligner system uses the latest digital technology and techniques to ensure a predictable and accurate result.

Build loyalty, attract new patients, and ensure the continued profitability of your practice.

To become a ClearSmile Aligner provider, simply complete our one day certification course. To book, please follow the link http://www.iasortho.com/courses.html or contact us.

Key features of ClearSmile Aligners:

  • Enhanced Individual tooth control
  • Easy to understand and clear pathway to proficiency
  • Archwize simulations to ensure expectations are met and consent gained
  • No annual requirements: do as few or as many cases as you like
  • Developed and mentored by leading dentists and orthodontists
  • Lower lab costs allowing more affordable treatments
  • Continuous training – Via the ClearSmile Aligner online forum
  • Shared assessment and diagnosis protocols with other IAS appliances such as the ClearSmile Inman Aligner, ClearSmile Brace and ClearSmile Discreet
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